About Us

Indy Boyz is a peer-led social/support group for female-to-male transgender people (FTMs) in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We have been meeting regularly since 1998. We began as small groups of two or three friends each, who came together looking for support from others like ourselves. Typical attendance at a meeting ranges from 15 to 25 people with equal representation of FTMs and SOFFAs (significant others, friends, family, and allies).

We meet on the fourth Saturday of every month at 3:00 P.M. at Life Journey Church. See our Calendar for the next meeting an other activities!

The Indy Girlz support group meets at the same time and location. Typically the two groups start out meeting together and then break out for separate discussions.

We also have a very active and supportive Email List and an active Facebook Group.

We provide support to our members and our community through open monthly meetings, information booths at pride festivals, resource sharing, and general mentorship.

Who We Serve

The group welcomes persons assigned female at birth or raised as female who are exploring more masculine or male gender identities. We also welcome friends, family, significant others, and allies of FTM-identified persons, including MTFs. Our goal is to serve the FTM+/SOFFA community of central Indiana; however, we welcome and have regular attendees from other regions of the state as well as from other states!

Group members may identify as (including but not limited to):

  • FTM
  • transman, guy
  • transgender, transsexual
  • intersexed
  • male, female, neither, both
  • tomboy, boi
  • genderqueer
  • drag king
  • crossdresser
  • femme, stonefemme
  • butch, stonebutch
  • gay, lesbian, straight, asexual, bisexual, pansexual
  • parent, husband, wife, sibling, son, daughter of trans person
  • those questioning and
  • Significant others, friends, family, and allies (SOFFAs)